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Your car relies on your battery to provide it – and its many components – with the electrical power it needs to keep running. Modern car batteries are great things, as they are more efficient, longer-lasting and reliable than ever before. That does not mean that they last forever though. Even the most expensive of car batteries only has a limited useful life.

Often it is hard to tell however if your vehicle needs a new battery or if the electrical problems you are experiencing are down to something else entirely. This is where expert testing and diagnostics can help.

If you suspect that your car’s battery is failing, before you rush out and replace it with a new one from the local home store bring your vehicle to Car Clinic instead. We’ll test your battery, but we will also run our famous 72 point diagnostic check, to ensure that a battery replacement is what you need.

Should your battery be found to be reaching the end of its useful life we can help you find just the right replacement for your unique vehicle and then fit it quickly and efficiently, getting you and your vehicle back on the road again in no time.

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