Dealership Quality Auto Repair in San Jose Ca

About Us

Family Owned & Operated

Sometimes life takes you on a journey that surprises and delights you. That’s what brought the husband and wife of Alan Yu & Helen Liao to the automotive repair industry.

GIC Car Clinic front reception

Our Story

When Alan Yu was a boy, he was great in math, science, chemistry, and had a natural talent for fixing stuff without a whole lot of tools. He went to San Jose State University for a degree in Mechanical Engineering. But when he began his career as a Mechanical Engineering, he didn’t find his bliss.

After years of troubleshooting repair issues on his own vehicles, he discovered that auto repair was something he was very good at doing. He enrolled at Skyline College, which has a great auto repair program and started out with a part-time job pumping gas. His mentors taught him how to operate a successful auto repair facility, how to use his engineering background to his advantage, and instilled an excellent level of customer service that Alan carries on as a business owner today.

Helen Liao brings the feminine touch to GIC Car Clinic. When you look around the waiting area and see the wide variety of magazines, candies, snacks, toys for the kids, fresh coffee, and the comfy couches, you can see how much she cares about providing small comforts to our clients.

Together, Alan & Helen manage a dedicated team of technicians who pour their hearts and passions into their work. This team deeply cares about its clients, and that is what makes GIC Car Clinic so special and unique.